Saturday, 5 May 2018

NYZ - RLD GLD ET AL - Limited Tape on Fractal Meat Cuts

Limited Edition tape of 100 copies on Fractal Meat Cuts releases May 24, 2018 => 

Also available from Norman Records & Boomkat =>

Norman Records : "NYZ is veritable polymath David Burraston who is an artist, musician, synthesist AND someone who's interviewed Aphex Twin. RLD GLD ET AL  is a selection of previously unheard generative music made using systems built by Burraston. Experimental music as John Cage intended.

Staff note from Ant:
With barely an original idea remaining in the known universe, NYZ manages to sound like no other artist out there. No mean feat. This tape on Graham Dunning's label is hard evidence. All hail the Lord of Cellular Automata."

Norman Records Review => "Here’s another peach from our man down under. Sixty minutes of bold, vibrant and hyper-dynamic electronic music from the Noyzelab of generative music/ chaos/cellular automata guru David Burraston. Eleven tracks reside within the spools, all presented in glorious technicolor with a collage by Fractal Meat Cuts label bossman Graham Dunning - the image mirroring the slightly imperfect, skewed geometries and unexpected trajectories on which the sounds ride.

We’re never really sure exactly where we are with Burraston’s music, and this is indeed part of its magic. He really animates his machines and makes them sing in a deliciously peculiar language. To call it abstract would be doing it a disservice as his work and experiments are meticulously researched. Oblique track titles offer no obvious narrative and so we’re left to our own imaginations to fill in the blanks. Each listener could have quite a different experience imbibing these tracks - choose your own adventure!

‘FM40P::SWRLSYN’ boots things off and has a really warped quality - as though its literally melting as it pours and bleeps out of the speakers like intoxicated quarks dancing inside a hadron collider. ‘RLD GLD::compandedTAB’ is something like a little clockwork like lifeform getting its ratchets tinkered with by a large cat made of pixels. Elsewhere the LOL titled ‘KW1vprz::My Life in the Bush of Chaotic Nonlinear Dynamics’ is something akin to a droid transmitting data reports from a newly discovered planet with solar winds hovering in the near distance.

The twelve mesmerizing minutes of ‘PTS PZZDRN’ are a real noggin lozenge. The repetitive rhythms seemingly overlap and create additional ultra-hypnotic micro-rhythms in a similar way to early minimalists like Steve Reich. Is it speeding up/slowing down? Is it some sort of sonic illusion? There were some therapeutic benefits for me hearing this for the first time - it literally defragmented the hard drive inside my skull, rearranging the corrupt data, leaving me in a rejuvenated state of total bliss.

‘XTWtabDRN’ is just gorgeous - outstanding ghost in the machine ambient as played by the weeping digitized ghost of a drowned melodica. I could just float around all day long with this looping in the background.

This man is on a real roll at the moment - prolific and retaining consistently high quality with each release.  You should totally cop one of these tapes, cuz there’s only 100 copies and it’s already sold out at source. I’ve been fortunate enough to have heard this loads, and with each listen, I hear things I’d previously not noticed. It’s the gift that keeps on giving."

Boomkat [**also album of the week 11/5/2018 !] : "Dave Burraston a.k.a. NYZ shares the unique generative output of his chattering synths and machines on Graham Dunning’s Fractal Meat Cuts label following his NYZ appearance on the NTS show of the same name in 2017.

Following on from Burraston’s previous NYZ release, PPLZ SYNF [2018] for Psøma Psi Phi, here he sticks to shorter time frames packed with typically unpredictable movements, as opposed to durational, glacial transitions. 

The results, generated by his custom modular systems and algorithms and recorded between 2012-2018, are like a window into the mind of a machine, but perhaps slowed down enough for human perception. Their queasy logic and inexplicable organisation are the result of decades of study into complexity and chaos systems, and its not hard to hear how that applies to the music, which is in effect incomparable to any combination of sounds imaginable. 

We recommend huffing it up and marvelling at the absolute audness of it all."

+ from the Boomkat Weekly Roundup => "One of our favourite artists at the moment, Dave Burraston a.k.a. NYZ has knocked up a limited tape for Graham Dunning’s Fractal Meat Cuts label. As opposed to his longform PPLZ SYNF for Psøma Psi Phi, these are succinct glimpses of pure, unique computer music chaos."

Fractal Meat Cuts Label blerb =>

NYZ met up with Graham Dunning for a guest slot on Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone NTS Radio Show in 2017, and then got asked to do a tape for the label.

Selecting tracks back to 2012 and creating a few new ones, NYZ presents a whole bunch of previously unheard/unreleased generative music experiments using his custom built systems. Crackly chaotic dynamics, complex interleaved systems and suspended cyclics comprise this 60 minute exploration of remote algorithmic territories. 

Recorded & Produced by David Burraston 2012 - 2018 at Noyzelab 

Thanks => 
Andie Brown 
Graham Dunning 
Phil Julian 
Sarah Last 

Inside photo by Henrik Jonsson at EMS, Stockholm. 
Cover collage by Graham Dunning.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Regional Arts Fellowship - Field Report 5 [USA/NSW]

Included in this post is a look at some creative outcomes for my 2017/18 fellowship activities in USA and Regional NSW => Mentorship with Doug Quin and residency at Syracuse University, residency at Important Records HQ including a visit to local studio to see an ultra-rare Emu Modular, and giving workshops and working in the field/studio in regional NSW. I've included a number of soundcloud links giving excerpts of some the material I was able to record.

This is the fifth and final post on my Create NSW Regional Arts Fellowship, you can check out the first post on a week spent with Chris Watson here, the second post on my Moog Sound Lab UK Residency here, the third post on my EMS Stockholm Residency here and fourth post with host of activities including working with Chris Watson, Jez riley French, Aphex Twin and a bunch of other stuff here.. During the fellowship I kept folks updated with pictures/tweets live through my twitter account, so you can also have a look back through those tweets too :) 

Artist Residency at Syracuse University, New York State, USA including a Mentorship with renowned field recordist / Assoc Prof Doug Quin => 

During this visit I conducted a workshop, gave a lecture, and went out on field trips with Doug for environmental sound recording. In case you were wondering, yes this is the same Syracuse University that Lou Reed went to, and was later an Alumni. I was hoping they'd have Metal Machine Music playing on loop throughout the uni but no.. !

The first place Doug took me to was Stoney Pond State Forest, Madison County, New York, not too far from Syracuse. Doug took along his Ambient ASF-1 mkII hydrophone and Sound Devices 722 recorder, and we had a look around to spot some good locations for a longer session later. We returned twice, for the evening and morning frog chorus. You can hear the morning frog chorus further down this page. Pictures by Doug and myself.

Take note of the trousers in the socks, vital to keep the nasty biting bugs out, of which there were many!!

Before we got started Doug was very quick to point out the Poison Ivy!! =>

There was a lot of bird activity, so Doug showed me this great little bird ID app called Song Sleuth made by Wildlife Acoustics =>