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NYZ DRNH Limited Cassette Release on Gamma Mine

Limited edition of 100.
Hand-numbered white C90 cassette with printed insert.

Releases December 9, 2016 

All signals by Dave Burraston. 
Designed and mastered by Finlay Shakespeare. 

Reviewed (9/10) & available through Norman Records here + review reproduced below.

Now also available via Juno Records and Animal Psi

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Studio B17 
Pithay Studios 
All Saints' Street 
BS1 2LZ 
United Kindom 

RAY01: NYZ - “DRNH” 

Launching Gamma Mine's explorations into electronic systems music is “DRNH”, a new release from award winning artist Dave Burraston. “DRNH” continues 2016's releases from the ever-prolific artist, who has released works on labels including .MEDS, Feral Tapes, Computer Club and ALKU, this year alone. 

Under his NYZ alias, Burraston studies modulation-based synthesis techniques from his Noyzelab studio, NSW, Australia. As an extension to the activities captured on “DRN4” (.MEDS, 2016), the systems utilised on “DRNH” have been broadened to include additive synthesis, ring modulation and non-linear waveshaping alongside Burraston's staple frequency modulation synthesis techniques. The following is a declassified listing of equipment used in this research: 

Hinton Instruments Music Lab modular prototype 
Yamaha SY99 & TG77 with cellular automata generated microtunings 
MANIAC/Ulamizer-II cellular automata sequencing 
Tiptop Z-DSP & Numberz with custom programs 

The result is a collection of recordings which take the listener from sci-fi atmospheres (“NYZ-1_HI-SIN”) to whirring electronics (“NYZ_Z-DSP+NUMBERZ-DRN1”), playful FM studies (“FM80Pcellular”, “FM60Pcellular”) to meditative drones (“CSN2-excerpt1-mono”, “DRNH”). “DRNH” releases on 9th December 2016 on white C90 cassette and digital formats: 

A1. NYZ-1_SHPR_mono (01:40) 
A2. NYZ-1_HI-SIN (07:17) 
A3. NYZ-1_FM20Pcellular (02:04) 
A5. FM80Pcellular (05:08) 
A6. CSN2 excerpt1-mono (14:29) 
A7. FM60Pcellular (05:42) 
B1. DRNH (44:44) 

Gamma Mine: True explorations in electronics + mathematics, presented in aural form

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Norman Records Review =>

9/10 Ant Staff review, 08 December 2016

David Burraston’s (Dave Noyze /Noyzelab / Bryen Telko) release schedule has gathered momentum and accelerated through 2016 with a slew of cassette releases on .meds, Feral Tapes and Computer Club, and now closes the year with the inaugural release for new imprint Gamma Mine. An epic 90-minute cassette entitled ‘DRNH’ in a hand-numbered edition of 100 copies.

As a teenager I used to get stoned and go and hang out under pylons or telegraph poles and listen to the hum of pure voltage. Something about the sound of pure electricity just resonates with me profoundly. What is the appeal? Does it complete a circuit with the electrical energy in our brains? Plug us back in directly to the source?

Had NYZ’s ‘DRN’ cassettes been about back then I could have chilled at home to scratch that itch instead of of freezing my knackers off. Thankfully, now I’m a grown man and this tape exists, there’s no need for me to look like a weirdo lurking under a pylon - I can simply hit play on ye olde cassette player. Without getting too technical (for that go to theMatrixsynth feature) on ‘DRNH’ Dave essentially uses maths/ science/ generative algorithms, FM synthesis and beyond, to sculpt electricity into wondrous sonic shapes.

The tape opens with the playful and mysterious ‘NYZ-1_SHPR_mono’ which leaves some uncertainty as to how things will proceed. Then comes ‘NYZ-1_HI-SIN’ which layers frequencies that induce a weightless sensation of levitating in deep space. ‘NYZ-1_FM20Pcellular’ sounds like an advanced machine language/communication like some form of futuristic Gamelan song. Then comes ‘NYZ_Z-DSP+NUMBERZ-DRN1’ which is like an amplified synthesis of sounds from the natural world as it delicately flutters and pulsates like a tiny organism revving a microscopic sized engine albeit magnified to a large, almost intimidating scale. ‘FM80Pcellular’ could be the sad song of some weeping electrons. ‘CSN2 excerpt1_mono’ sizzles and fizzles magnificently and is particularly satisfying (see stoned teens under pylons).

The titular ‘DRNH’ comprises the entire second side of the cassette. A masterful, colossal, long-form, proper epic drone work for deep listening -- and not the fluffy ambient that seems to pass for drone these days. This is the real deal, high grade, potent stuff. As brilliantly executed and nuanced as classic meditative drone works from Eliane Radigue, with the psychoactive properties of Binaural Beats but with a far more palatable “techno” sound. Each listen reveals details which previously appear to have been hidden - something like the sonic equivalent to those “Magic Eye” pictures that were all the rage in the 90’s. With eyes closed, it provides a very rewarding, introspective journey into the self. Most folks would probably insist you were either deaf, or an idiot that gets off on insipid minimalism if they heard this -- but there is way more depth than would appear on the surface, hypnotic microrhythms emerge like the fluttering and dancing of robotic like insects. It’s a deceptively vibrant, immersive sound that I wholeheartedly encourage you to plunge into. Crank up the volume and feel the bass vibrations - there are multiple layers to lock into but as a whole it certainly feels like electricity coursing through the body.

If you dug the now sold out NYZ ‘DRN4’ tape on .meds, then why not add some extra gravy. Needless to say it comes highly recommended.

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Hinton Instruments Music Lab modular

Hinton Instruments Music Lab modular