Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Noyzelab @Fluorescent Grey Studio - Session Pix

Had a great time in the studio over the weekend with Robbie Martin (Fluorescent Grey). We got down to some serious collaboration, hooking up my Cellular Automata box & microtonal oscillators to whole bunch of his modular & MIDI synths. We didn't spend much time taking pix, too busy on the synths!!

Saturday, 4 April 2015


Recent (2nd April 2015) visit to the Mills College Centre for Contemporary Music where I was given free reign on THE original & first Buchla 100 (originally at the San Francisco Tape Music Centre).

This was a little selfie video I took during an extensive recording session. The sequencing is being done on my Cellular Automata black box!

Yes this is the same modular synth that Pauline Oliveros used on her early electronic works  ... WOWSERS! an honour indeed!!!

A very special thanks to John Bischoff & Chris Brown for arranging my studio time + Jesse Austin at Mills for being on hand for tech stuff + assorted fun synth nattering.

++ Ultra double thanks to Robbie Martin (Fluorescent Grey) for assorted fun synth nattering AND a lift back to San Francisco!!!

John Bischoff & David Burraston + original Buchla 100 modular synth at Mills College Centre for Contemporary Music. Photo: Jesse Austin