Friday, 5 September 2014

ZX81 Polyphonic Sequencer Part 2 - E&MM Jan 1982 (Peter Maydew)

Part 2 of the four part ZX81 Polyphonic Sequencer articles from E&MM. This one covers the circuit for the I/O port that will allow D/A converters to be connected, or for directly driving synths with a digital interface such as the EDP Wasp or Maplin/ETI 3800 & 5600 (+ see here). Also included in this article is a little polyphonic sequencer program written in Sinclair BASIC!

This article is scanned from my copy of Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1981. Article written by Peter Maydew.

Note that at the end of part 3 there is an errata for this article series!! (nothing too heavy, but you best check it out first!). Part 1 is here

disclaimer : i dont know who owns the copyright these days, at the time it was Maplin Publications ltd.