Monday, 15 September 2014

Ulamizer II Cellular Automata Sequencer - SOUND EXCERPT + more pix from 2006/7

Ulamizer II Cellular Automata Sequencer sound excerpt + more pix from 2006/7. See the earlier Ulamizer II post for more info.

The pictures below are from my studio in the Blue Mountains, Australia back in 2006/7. The main modular synth seen in this setup is my Hinton Music Lab Modular. The Hinton Music Lab is particular suited to my CA module tests as it has a completely unique 8 bit logic bus that connects its sequencer, switch and counter modules together, so I can drive that bus directly from the cell gate outputs. The Ulamizer II guts are in the black box & another small circuit board hanging off that in the flightcase under the Hinton Pin Matrix.

A couple of images taken of the Logic Analyser display connected to the 8 cell gates :