Friday, 5 September 2014

Step Time Sequencer for EDP Wasp Synth & C64 - E&MM Nov 84 (Jethro Hill)

Ever wanted to hook up your EDP Wasp to a Commodore 64 sequencer? This article by Jethro Hill is the very thing. Not only is there a little step time sequencer program in Commodore BASIC, there are simple instructions on how to interface to a Wasp synth without the need for any external circuitry or interface! Just a cable! + from what I can tell this is a simple version of the code for one of the Joreth Music Systems programs.

Also, the keyboard on the normal Wasp only had 25 notes, this sequencer allows you to access the full 33 note range, thats an extra 8 notes!

Article scanned from my copy of Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1984.

disclaimer:  i dont know who owns the copyright these days, at the time it was music maker publications ltd.