Monday, 1 September 2014

Powertran Digital Delay & MCS-1 - Automata 52 setup

Some gratuitous pix below of the setup for the track A Logical Calculus of the Ideas Immanent in Feline Activity on the album Dave Noyze : Automata 52. This track also features field recordings kindly donated by Chris Watson. This CD was limited to 52 copies, but you can now get it in digital format from Cataclyst.

The setup shows a Powertran MCS-1 sampler which features both MIDI and voltage control (& all manner of other weirdness), and a Powertran Digital Delay Line with some additional modifications to allow for external pitch and trigger control. More info on the Powertran Digital Delay Line modifications can be found here & here. Both of these Powertran machines were designed by the now legendary Tim Orr and published in Electronics & Music Maker magazine.

Keen eyed spotters should note the more recent additional modification on the Powertran Digital Delay Line, which is a little mod I devised especially for the Automata 52 album. This is the little switch hanging over the front panel. The details are classified at the moment, but the upshot is that I can change the sample rate in realtime from my own external clock modules, and both underdrive until sampling halts & overdrive the sample rate until the converters can't handle it! Also in the pictures is a prototype cellular automata oscillator module with an OLED display, which was used to drive the pitch input on the Powertran Digital Delay Line.