Thursday, 4 September 2014

Janko Keyboard Synth for BBC BASIC - One Two Testing Jan 1985 (Andy Honeybone)

Short article and two Janko Keyboard synth program listings in BBC BASIC (probably one of my favourite programming languages of all time). These programs allow you to play the BBC sound chip from the QWERTY keyboard layed out in the Janko arrangement.

They are both the same program functionally, one is easy to read, but the other one is more compressed and runs faster. Top stuff and not a GOTO in sight! Note : Raspberry Pi users running RISC OS will be able to type this in and get it running on their machines + this program should also work on any RISC OS machine running BBC BASIC.

Programs and article written by Andy Honeybone, scanned from my copy of (the ultra short lived) One Two Testing magazine, January 1985.  

disclaimer: i dont know who owns the copyright these days, at the time it was IPC Magazines.