Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Generative Music on the Roland MC4 MicroComposer Part 2 (more pix) - Cellular Automata Sequencing

Part 2 of a post about making generative music with Cellular Automata (CA) sequences with the Roland MC4 sequencer. With well known works from composers such as Vince Clarke & Aphex Twin the musical applications of the MC4 cover a lot of ground. Over the years I've been playing around with different ways of working with this box since I got my first one in 1997, and I started integrating it with my algorithmic / generative composition processes.

The method I used to generate the data values was adapted from an Australasian Computer Music Conference paper I presented in 2005 :

Burraston, D. (2005) Composition at the Edge of Chaos. Proceedings of the 2005 Australasian Computer Music Conference.(Brisbane, July 2005). PDF -> here 

The idea of using CA values is also valid for any type of algorithmic / generative data that you can scale to the MC4 parameter ranges (or any sequencer that takes number values e.g. MIDI). 

For more details please see part 1 post. This post is more of a picture fest of the setup, photo's taken in 2007 at Noyzelab.