Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Electronic Dream Plant - Gnat Synthesizer Ad - E&MM Sept 1981

Electronic Dream Plant - 2 page Gnat Synthesizer Ad - Scanned from my copy of  Electronics & Music Maker, Sept 1981. For in depth details & schematics of the Gnat check out Tim Stinchcombe's page here. Interestingly this advert mentions the Flea Sequencer, including a retail price, although this never made it to market. The ad also includes images of the Wasp Synthesizer, Spider Sequencer & Caterpiller Keyboard.

The Gnat cost 99 quid in 1981 (pretty much the cheapest synth on the market as I remember), so for your average schoolkid doing a paper round delivering newspapers (like I used to...) earning say 2 quid a week it would have taken 99/2 = 49.5 weeks to get the cash together for this highly desirable box...! this time could be reduced if the christmas tip period was included.


disclaimer : i dont know who owns the copyright these days, at the time it was Maplin Publications ltd.