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Ulamizer II Cellular Automata Sequencer - assorted pix from 2006/7

Since the early experiments by contemporary composers such as Iannis Xenakis, interest in the use of Cellular Automata (CA) in music has dramatically increased. ULAMIZER II is a prototype of a CA music module, designed to be part of the Noyzelab studio environment for both modular and MIDI synthesizers. This module design has now been integrated into my MANIAC / Arthur development systems, see these posts here & here.

+ UPDATE 15-9-2014 : new page with sound excerpt & more pix 

Ulamizer II display

For a background on the Ulamizer II module research and cellular automata please visit these pages here & here. If you really want to get in depth info, please visit the research page on noyzelab website, where you can find my PhD and a number of research papers. I also wrote an extended post here on the more philosophical aspects of my approach, which was published in a briefer form by Leonardo Thinks.

The pictures below are from my studio in the Blue Mountains, Australia back in 2006/7. The main modular synth seen in this setup is my Hinton Music Lab Modular. The Hinton Music Lab is particular suited to my CA module tests as it has a completely unique 8 bit logic bus that connects its sequencer, switch and counter modules together, so I can drive that bus directly from the cell gate outputs.

The screen display in this early version was via VGA, but this proved to be to cumbersome in terms of hardware, processor & memory requirements so I am now testing my systems with composite video & LEDs mainly, although I've had a few successful plays with OLED displays.

If you are wondering if my CA modules are available in kit or built form, I simply dont have the resources to undertake this at the present time. I mainly use these modules for my own art/music projects, but also for collaborations with other artists (more on this soon...).

If you are interested in commercializing or commissioning any of my CA or other algorithmic / generative module designs send me an email : noyzelab [at] gmail [dot] com

Ulamizer II display & Hinton Music Lab Pin Matrix

Development setup - Ulamizer II, Logic analyser, Hinton Music Lab, Paia Midi2CV8 & PC 

Ulamizer II screen closeup

Ulamizer II screen closeup

Development setup - Ulamizer II, Logic analyser, Hinton Music Lab, Paia Midi2CV8 & PC

Development setup - Ulamizer II, Logic analyser, Racal Dana Timer/Counter, Hinton Music Lab, Paia Midi2CV8, Novation Remote 25, Roland System 100M, Kenton Pro2000 & PC

Ulamizer II screen, Hinton Music Lab Modules, Racal Dana Timer/Counter
Hinton Music Lab Modules