Friday, 29 August 2014

System Hinton 4a - How Noyzelab sounded back in 97

Here is another Hinton Music Lab track [System Hinton 4a excerpt] unearthed from the Noyzelab archives! This was recorded in 1997, and is among some of the first tracks I made with it. This track also used the Roland System 100m and System 100 modular synths.

Here are some bonus pix from Noyzelab Studio Suffolk, taken around the time this track was recorded.

Dave Noyze rockin out with the Hinton in his cardigan :) watch out for that Powertran Vocoder behind you!

Roland System 100 underneath the Hinton Music Lab, Roland TR606 & one of 3 Transcedent 2000's
Noyzelab's old Tascam 688 MIDIStudio & various other things... tidy or what?
Hinton Music Lab in its original flightcase (now missing!) note the bubble wrap  for headbanging protection.
Roland System 100M, Bokse US8 Universal Synchronizer & my ongoing homebuilt Eurorack...
Roland System 100 Model 104 Sequencer + my homebuilt PE Ring Mod underneath
Kemo Filter (green knobs), Roland MC4, another TR606 & SH09
Roland System 100M, Kenton Pro-2000 & Kemo Multimode Lab Filter
Finally got that Powertran Vocoder off the floor...
Hinton Music Lab + homebuilt Paia MIDI2CV8 + if you look carefully you can spot my old EMS Polysynthi underneath (more on this later...) 
Hinton Music Lab with some modules removed
Close up of Hinton Music Lab
Apple Mac IICi for Max patches & Acorn Risc PC for my BBC BASIC programs
Homebuilt 32 bit digital output on a Eurocard for Cellular Automata cell gates - using a pair of 6522 VIA chips and a lot of wiring!
My homebuilt Eurorack modular