Friday, 29 August 2014

Spacetime Gravity Modulator Part 3 - Eurorack prototype

unearthed another video form the archives (April 2012) of quick test of the spacetime gravity modulator eurorack prototype. this module is gravity/black hole-ish module, running a simulated physics with a little spaceship you can fly around. 

separate control voltage outputs from the asteroid-like ships xy position.

4 x gate toggles with LEDs activate when ship passes  each screen boundary.

control voltages for ship rotation, thrust, number of black holes & randomize hole location.

each gravity blob has its own forcefield.

push buttons for thrust, hyperspace, ultrabrake, clear/set gate outputs.

composite video output.

also see parts one & two posts for more vids & pix. see me twiddling it in a live set for moduluxxx 2012 here.