Saturday, 30 August 2014

Pierre Deutsche Mark V - video

Video originally constructed for Bryen Telko - Storm in a Mandelbrot NOT SET (Commissioned by Hull Time Based Arts for FIST 4) in 2002. This version of the video I put together for my Dave Noyze performance at Liquid Architecture Festival 2006 Sydney, for the track Pierre Deutsche Mark V.

Original track was simply called DM5, made in the 90's by self-referential / generative feedback sampler systems, using sounds sampled from various different analogue and digital synths. I generally called this style of tracks I made back then as very electronic. Also includes samples of Pierre Henry. The track appears on my album Dave Noyze - Generative Compositions 1998 - 2006 :

The video is made up from a bunch of video sampling that I used to sometimes VJ for Rephlex / Aphex Twin / Mike Dred in late 90's & early 2000's. Fun times mixing VHS tape decks, computers and video camera's... This vid contains stuff like: a munged up image of my Hinton Pin Matrix, my mouth, a harshly lit but darkside tunnel in Leeds, me & aNt (skeleton unit from Cataclyst) lying in church crypts in Leeds & munged up scientific visualisation software I used at British Telecom Research Labs.