Sunday, 31 August 2014

Minerva - video

Video I made back in 2002 for an unreleased Dave Noyze track called "minerva".

The video is made up from a bunch of video sampling that I used to sometimes VJ for Rephlex / Aphex Twin / Mike Dred in late 90's & early 2000's. Fun times mixing VHS tape decks, computers and video camera's... This vid contains stuff like the Aricebo Interstellar Message, munged up images of my old Cellular Automata sequencers & munged up images of my website in an old mac html browser.

The soundtrack is made using a Doepfer A112 Voltage Controlled Sampler module. It uses a custom Max patch I built to send algorithmically generated wavetables to the A112.

Features :

Get wavetable from module & store on computer hard disk.

Algorithmically generate wavetables : Stepped random, Random, Sine / Square / Tan / Tanquize types x 2, Self reference (minerva attractor) X & Y.

Specify a Start/End Wave & algorithm type.

The program fills the specified area in the module algorithmically creating a bank of wavetables, all the way from 0 to 255 banks if required.

Manually draw wavetable.

Screen shot of the Max patch
Doepfer rack with the A112 Voltage Controlled Sampler module