Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hinton Instruments Music Lab Pin Matrix

Below are a handful of pictures of the pin matrix modular (MLP 59x24) for my Hinton Music Lab modular synth, which has been a central feature of Noyzelab studio since the mid 90's. This was built by Graham Hinton back in the mid 70's ! Its the precursor to his current PinMix module and is a 59 input by 24 output. The outputs are nuclear physics spec Lemo connectors which connect to the virtual earth inputs on the Music Lab modules. The pin matrix itself a completely individual module and can be patched up into the modular like any other module. There's also an interesting thread about the Pin Mix on the Muff Wiggler forum here and here.

+ UPDATE 30-8-2014 ! more pics on these posts here, here, here, here & here ++ check back on this blog soon for more Hinton Music Lab sounds & pictures as I dig through the arvhives

Here are some example recordings of the Hinton Music Lab in action :