Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hinton Instruments Music Lab Modular - Assorted Pix

Below are a handful of pictures of part of the Hinton Instruments Music Lab Modular synthesizer, which has been a central feature of Noyzelab studio since the mid 90's. This was built by Graham Hinton back in the mid 70's ! Its the precursor to his current series of modules. The strange looking co-ax like connectors are nuclear physics spec Lemo connectors which connect to the virtual earth inputs on the Music Lab modules and the Pin Matrix module. One day I'll get around to writing up some more about this incredible machine. In the meantime enjoy this series of photo's, not all modules are shown in these pix, I'll post up some more soon...

NOTE: in this pic only the 3 x VC Multimode Filter's and the VC Phaser are Hinton modules. The other's are Snazzy FX Ardcore, and a few of my own modules.