Friday, 29 August 2014

Bhang : An Open Lassie - video

Video to the opening track Bhang : An Open Lassie from the album Dave Noyze : Generative Compositions 1998 - 2006, released by Cataclyst in 2008.

Algorithms (in decreasing order of importance) : Cellular Automata, Self Referential Paradox & HumanTwiddling.

Originally released in 2008 as a completely black CDr hand numbered edition of 50 in black clamshell case with wraparound 200gsm card sleeve housed in heavy duty PVC wallet. The CDr is now sold out but you can buy the digital copy through Cataclyst on Bandcamp.

Produced by Bradbury & Dave Noyze.
Additional fiddling on 02, 07 & 09 by Bradbury.

Norman Records were nice enough to review this album  in the following manner :

Right. What i want to finish the day is a crazed CD of intense electronics, warped classical pieces & general ear-shredding sonic cacophony. Dave Noyze, currently residing down under in Oz (He's getting booted out by immigration on the day of this release!), is a generative artist & scientist producing electronic sounds since the late 70s. His music is a bizarre, yet compelling journey investigating the outer realms of music generated on ancient & contemporary machines. You can one minute get screeing white noise, another, disorientating chinese water style madness, mixed with archive samples & feedback. 

Now I'm feeling frantic Venetian Snares-esque digital electro gabber that sounds like I-F in a blender. An "ambient" piece follows, sounding like the alternative soundtrack to Pan's Labyrinth, a lip biting hyper-trip in a ghost sleigh through a haunted forest full of Juddermen sporting bagpipes & moths full of pointy teeth. Eerie! More stuttering metal machine music follows sporting some obscure eastern European sourced library sample or other. This is breakcore before breakcore knew it's identity. Algorythmic aggro in space!. He's bouncing off the satellites here. 'Generative Compositions 1998-2006' is a fine collection of brilliantly produced & fascinating outsider electronics from a man who's built equipment for Aphex Twin amongst others, so we're talking a real prodigy here. 

The album features several collaberations with Garry Bradbury who was a member of australian electronic music pioneers Severed Heads.There are moments that are similar to the more fucked up Team Doyobi stuff and moments of spooky melody amongst the noisier shards, one tune like a treehouse full of cooing cyborg hens trapped in a maze of blooping circuitry. As ground breaking as early Art of Noise in their day is some of this ear deceiving gear. And up there with some of the more revered Jap noiselords. Normally, some sections could get on my nerves if i had it as background music. But you really need to let yourself be absorbed in the melee, for the possibilities here are just as alarming as the latest Autechre album, another recent feat of electronic progress. 

So here you have it! The debut release for a new CDr label, Cataclyst (deliberatlly released on 29th February), lovingly packaged on black CDrs in a black clamshell with wraparound card sleeve in PVC wallets. All releases in the schedule are to be limited to a mere 50 copies. When we have more info on further exciting progressions we'll keep you informed!