Wednesday, 27 August 2014

ARP 2600 resurrection vids

i got given this arp 2600 by wade maryknowsky about 5 years ago, he found it in a skip outside one of the art schools in sydney many years back. it is thought to have been used by stelarc to control a robot, hence the stickers.

after wade found it this arp 2600 spent several years in obscure effects box builder "hairy dan's" house, which meant it was covered in mould by the time i got it. 

there's quite a lot shot on it, including the power supply.

this is a couple of videos of it in dry dock in my workshop. had to make these videos by torchlight as my light bulb had just blown! managed to get some of it working, but this is gunna be a long term restoration project...  videos were made june 2010.