Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Exploring Discrete Dynamics : Book Review (free preprint available)

My book review of Andy Wuensche's classic text Exploring Discrete Dynamics: The DDLab Manual for the Journal of Cellular Automata is now available in preprint.


(review extract) Discrete Dynamics Lab (DDLab) is a stunning piece of software for exploring cellular automata (CA) and other discrete dynamical networks, which are powerful tools in our quest to understand the complexities of life, nature and the many complex systems that intertwine our daily lives.
For those wishing to get involved in the fascinating world of CA and discrete dynamic networks, a copy of DDLab running on your computer and this book by your side will be an invaluable tool. If you have as much fun with DDLab and this book as I have, you will be in for truly rewarding experience.

Get the book review as a PDF preprint.

See more reviews at http://www.sussex.ac.uk/Users/andywu/EDDreviews.html

DDLab has just had an update here : http://www.sussex.ac.uk/Users/andywu/update_may2013.html

Below are a couple of pictures from the DDLab Gallery

Rule space classification for 1 dimensional v2k5 cellular automata (Source: DDLab Gallery)

Typical ordered, complex & chaotic spacetime patterns for 1D cellular automata (Source: DDLab Gallery)