Wednesday, 3 April 2013

gravy train ii [second sitting] - part 1

after 7 years, my internet radio show gets a second sitting on cataclyst

gravy train - ii [second sitting]
dave noyze

part 1 [tape to tape to tape to... ]

* special feature item sonic youth interview from an ancient mid 80's compilation tape -> hit$corruption *


thanks :
ant, cliff, mark, graham, john, pad, rdj, scarbs, fruity, sarah, tim
and debs + lots of other folk too but we aint got all day

most tracks digitized from olde tapes back in late 2006 for an edition of gravy train that never happened. that is why some of these tracks have the lovely grungely tape & hiss sound, its not artificially added on :)


? off pebbles vol 3 i think woz bonus track ?

? maggie thatcher trk ?

julie london - the marlboro song

burning sensations  - pablo picasso

unknown artist - green tambourine

alexander katenin - vse chto mi znaem

wall of voodoo - mexican radio

guy jackson - christ was a conservative

? - living in a nightmare ?

the users - i'm in love with today

vktms - roma rocket

c. p. lee - pearl & swine ad

the move - disturbance

the chameleons - in shreds

sonic youth - interview

the jazz butcher - soul happy hour

dub syndicate - waddada (means love)

gina x - no gdm

eurythmics - never gonna cry again

ted chippington - top comedian

the jazz butcher - caroline wheeler's birthday present

neu! - hallogallo

laurie spiegel - improvisation on a concerto generator

sisters of mercy - adrenochrome

the shrubs - down the yard

heads on sticks - no sense at all

? - oh dear what shall we do about the americans ?

can - i want more

the only ones - baby's got a gun

john otway & wild willy barrett - dk 50/80

dirty filthy mud - the forest of black

bogshed - tried and tested public speaker

subway sect - ambition

elvis costello & the attractions - watching the detectives (demo version)

the epileptics - tube disaster

first international - holy ground

? - country and western chicken ?

jefferson handkerchief - i'm allergic to flowers

victim - stranger by night

thrashing shit - heartbreak hotel

tristram shout - help!