Saturday, 30 March 2013

floating land program launched!

really looking forward to being part of this event and the conference!

program is here :

Today we launched the program. We were welcomed in beautifully by Louise King's cello, heard some of Linsey Pollak's amazing 'Cries Across the Water', and the boys from the Gubbi Gubbi Gun'doo Yang'ga'man Canoe Project showed off their traditionally built canoe ... and set it alight.  Check out the program on the menu to the left.  See you 31 May!

Launching on Friday 31 May through to Sunday 9 June 2013, the Floating Land Festival presents a dynamic program from local, national and international artists. Celebrating its 7th iteration, we invite you to immerse yourself in a cultural smorgasbord of over 150 free events held at Boreen Point and locations within the region.

The program includes something for everyone: site specific environment installations, written and spoken word, traditional and contemporary dance, film evenings, satire, visual art exhibitions, studio trails, storytelling, workshops, poetry, master-classes, field trips, soundscapes, concerts and our signature Welcome (Wunya) and Farewell (The Calling) ceremonies.

Floating Land stands for a future of mutual respect, harmony and sustainability.