Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Powertran DDL - pitch/trig mod

Wow, an Emulator for 10quid!!!! Well, er yea, as the next line sez, not quite... A number of people have very usefully posted up schems for the Powertran DDL, or the blooddl as I call it. But I have not seen any scans of the Patrick Shipsey (E&MM ) pitch/trig mod. So I dug out my copy and scanned it. This mod is very handy for it, download the pix for the info. Gives you pitch and trigger control, lushcore. 

Noyzelab's Blooddl, pitch/trig mod switches are above the 4/10kHz switches

Noyzelab's Blooddl inside: pitch/trig mod board is back left 

Noyzelab's Blooddl: Rear End Jacks

OK, here are the circuit diagrams / article, note the 4th diag is an Errata note that appeared in a later E&MM.

Pitch/Trig Mod Page 1

Pitch/Trig Mod Page 2

Pitch/Trig Mod Page 3

Pitch/Trig Mod Page - Errata (Note: This is the photocopy I got with mine, and was already clipped at the right hand side)

For those wondering what the Blooddl sounds like, you are encouraged to play QBF Check Some on the Automata 49 album at a very loud volume.

Other useful links for the Blooddl :

Copyright for ETI got passed onto Everyday Practical Electronics. I am posting them here for the benefit of other Powertran DDL users as this is no longer supported by anyone to my knowledge. If you own the copyright on these 4 pages and want them removed please contact me at : noyzelab [at] gmail [dot] com