Saturday, 28 April 2012

video of live set at moduluxxx

thanks to the legendary kazumichi grime for getting this video of my modular live set together & uploaded in hyper quick time. there will be a vid of my presentation at the dorkbot synthesizing synthesizers session at some point. ultrathanks to serial space and the moduluxxx crew for getting this mad little festival together, great bunch of people and modular synths all in one place! video shot by sarah last from wired lab.

modules used include my own designs : space time gravity modulator (see here & here), pling plong, mudley talker, arthur, maniac, uTonal oscillator, tube fuzz pre + some other homebuilt eurorack stuff i made back in the mid 90's of other peoples design (with my own panel designs) such as paia EKx series vc multimode filter (EKx 20) & vc eg (EKx10), tom henry processor.